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Anabolic diet

The ideal diet for weight loss and muscle building

The number of people who care about their figure is constantly increasing. The health aspect is also playing an increasingly important role. If you eat right, then you completely regulate your body weight. Those who exercise and exercise a lot are less likely to be overweight and sick.

A healthy body also contributes to a better attitude towards life. Daily life is much easier to deal with, and even intense stress can be reduced more quickly and better. You just feel better and better with this healthy lifestyle. But regular endurance exercise and a healthy, vitamin-rich diet with plenty of fresh fruits and vegetables aren’t enough for optimal muscle building.

Through exercise, the body uses more energy. Special diets are available to compensate for lost energy, support muscle building, and increase body fat transfer. The “anabolic” diet is designed to avoid carbohydrates completely. Rather, the diet is focused on proteins for weight loss.

The anabolic diet is based on a very meaty diet. Even the Stone Age people lived almost exclusively from animal food and plant parts. Periodic collection and consumption of fruits and vegetables provided a supply of vitamins. If you decide to follow an anabolic diet, you should avoid foods such as potatoes, bread, rice, and pasta. Most bodybuilders eat this diet because it provides an efficient and fast body shape, and thus muscle building is guaranteed.

Anabolic Diet for Best Success

It can be safely assumed that there were different diets when people began to lose weight due to health and appearance. However, many diets quickly showed the so-called “yo-yo effect”. Not an anabolic diet. It only works if you stick to it and pay attention to some important aspects. “Anabol” here means that the body accumulates muscle mass and body fat during the anabolic phases because more energy is consumed from food than is consumed. However, if muscles are exercised vigorously in parallel with eating, they can grow and their cross-section increases.

But how does the anabolic diet work? In general, a low-fat diet is considered healthy. Fat is the leading cause of many serious diseases, of which heart and diabetes are the most common. They can arise as a direct consequence of being overweight. A high protein, low fat diet can help fight obesity and prevent disease, because the carbohydrates found in many foods also make you fat.

The anabolic diet dispenses with these “fatty foods” because the more carbohydrates you consume, the more insulin your body releases, which leads to higher blood sugar levels. However, carbohydrates are used by the body to provide energy to the brain and muscles in the form of glucose. However, when blood sugar rises, insulin is responsible for the accumulation of excess glycogen in the muscles and liver. But people also do well without carbs.

A fact that the anabolic diet uses. If your blood sugar drops below a certain limit and you are not consuming new carbohydrates, your pancreas can release the peptide hormone “glucagon”. This, in turn, breaks down body fat so that fatty acids can be released. As a result of the conversion of fatty acids, ketone bodies are formed, which can now supply the brain and muscles with energy. This condition is called ketosis.

Anabolic diet is easy to follow

One of the most famous and important features of the anabolic diet is its relatively high intake of fat. This is especially important because it signals the body that it is getting enough fat from food. At the same time, fat burning enzymes are also activated. This is why you should divide your nutrient intake into 55-60 percent fat, 30-35 percent protein, and only 5 percent carbs.

You should follow an anabolic diet, which is divided into two phases. Phase I lasts five days. At this time, you eat very few carbohydrates, but a lot of fat and protein. In this first step, you should consume no more than 30 grams of carbohydrates. In the next phase II, the body is saturated with carbohydrates for one or two days, and then the diet continues from phase I. Both phases can be expanded or contracted.

Everyone can find their ideal rhythm here. The abundant supply of carbohydrates in Phase II stimulates metabolism and supports fat burning.

Plus, carbohydrates give you a boost of energy again. The motivation for an anabolic diet is increased because you can eat all foods in the second step. In order to select the desired foods (for each phase) for the diet, you should carefully study the information on the package. They are the guarantee of the success of the anabolic diet.

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