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The Key to Progress in Natural Bodybuilding

To be strong, you must also be STRONG

What do you mean by this?

That the factors that surround us to be in this anabolic environment are the key to this and any sport.

Rest, relieve stress, if you are a nervous person, sleep little or your life is overly active, these are variables that prevent you from progressing.

This is something that is never discussed and is key.

In more than twenty years of experience as a coach, I have worked with hundreds of people and have never seen anyone who was very nervous, but really nervous – those people who always run from one place to another, who have a lot of daily tasks and activities , they eat quickly, etc. – to get stronger. They can achieve a definite and defined physique, but they are thin people and they will remain slim.

Natural bodybuilding thrives on people with heads, clear ideas, and a serious emotional focus. They are calm people who achieve balance in their daily life, sleep well, and their stress is low. In short, they have psychophysical well-being.

We tend to concentrate on the sophistication of routines, exercises and variables, and we usually don’t talk about … “how are you.”

How do you feel if you are balanced or, on the contrary, you are nervous, overwhelmed or stressed? We don’t think about whether you are resting well at night if you wake up refreshed and energized.

With this energy of desire to eat irons, or vice versa, someone feels that weights are drowning, they hold on, and it seems that they will break the spine. If, when you raise the bar, you feel like it “weighs more than usual,” it is difficult to progress in this environment. On the other hand, if he is well rested, if he lives in an “emotionally favorable environment,” then one feels that he is the one who breaks this bar. It has that punch and that energy that allows you to devour irons and always progress.

We can add more weight regardless of whether he attacks. You are not a victim of the weight you lift and you eat it. This is very important.

How can this be solved and a favorable emotional environment created? This raises an important question. Self-examination must be done. From thinking about what aspects of your life could be improved.

Because in the end it is, and this is the most beautiful thing about natural bodybuilding. Because to reach a certain level, you must go through absolute personal growth.

A typical phrase “mens sana in corpore sana” is this.

As is.

You cannot have a body that has the maximum physical completeness of the strength of development, etc. In unfavorable conditions. To always be an anabolic you must live orderly and energetically stable.

Therefore, I invite you to work on these aspects. For work leisure. This work is worthwhile, but part of our training. I speak to you from experiences I have with all the people I have taught.

It is very difficult to find people who have blood workouts. It is very important to make our body grow. Athletes are hungry for irons. On the other hand, we see other people who do not seem to have blood, who simply follow the routine and believe that it is progressing.

Before gaining weight, you must be “pissed off” with anger. We must be aggressive in training, this is pre-preparation, a key aspect of our routine.

Each person has their own rituals: the music they listen to on the way to the gym, the preparation of clothes.

When I was going to compete in karate, until I doubled my clothes and my belt and made your backpack, that was the whole ritual in which you found yourself in a situation when you were going to war. It’s a way to approach workouts, every workout every week, every year for decades.

This is not something to learn, it’s instinctive, and there are people who just aren’t created that way.

When I see people in the gym, they’re usually from this second group’s profile.

People who are just going to end the program.

But among everyone there is always a bull, the athlete who stands out, who is focused.

There is nothing better than stopping an athlete who is always hungry for training.

Even in other disciplines. For example, my son, who is a boy. When I see him playing football, you see him with the spirit that I am talking about, with this nerve. However, you see other children who seem to be crawling across the field with their hands down, without this fighting spirit. You see my son is doing something else and he is trying his best, even the little one.

This level of competitiveness. Either you have or you are not very far.

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