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Is it possible to build muscle and burn fat at the same time?

Hello Power Boost Friends!

Is building muscle and burning fat at the same time?
Today we will answer the 10 most important questions about HO boosters like Argidriaxx.

We explain how you can boost muscle building with a product like Argidriaxx and burn your fat at the same time.


“Why should I use Argydriax (NO)?” You ask yourself.

Prior to the time-released nitric oxide (NO) delivery system, it was impossible to create and maintain this level of NO in the body.

The pH of the human body has literally dissolved any agent or substance that could contribute to the body’s production of nitric oxide.

Thanks to the now revised and modified Argydriax pH delivery system, the human body can not only absorb this nitric oxide delivery agent, but also maintain muscle nitric oxide levels throughout the day.

For you this means: significantly better results and faster muscle building. And, of course, the absolute “continuous pump” effect.


How does the “THREAT” of Argidriaxx (NO) can be accomplished with “CELLS” -VOLUMINIZATION “CREATINE” compare? We reached out to Ed Byrd, who introduced creatine and the first (NO) supplement. He understands these products very well and can best explain it:

“As you probably know, creatine causes an increase in cell volume by drawing water into muscle cells.
With this increase, you may look a little bloated creatine.” “NO2’s” HEMADILATION “generates real growth.

This is achieved by squeezing blood into the larger, more voluminous spaces between muscle cells, rather than into the cells themselves. These super-puffs create massive muscles.

And because the blood is between the cells, and not inside them, the muscle mass is very strong and, unlike creatine, does not look bloated at all. »

Through the time-released delivery system of this new supplement like Argidriax, muscle mass does not disappear. You get what’s called a “continuous pump”.



“Continuous pump” is muscle mass that is full of blood after training, and almost all of it. Time remains in this grave condition!

The gains in muscle mass and muscle density achieved with exercise do not decrease as quickly after exercise.

This “continuous pump” will be a completely new experience for you. This is a dramatic effect of sustained “hemadylation” (NO).

This “pump” is responsible for increased blood flow to the muscles. Your body reacts to exercise by releasing nitric oxide.

It is a “signaling molecule” for the body to increase blood flow to the muscles. When you exercise intensely, nitric oxide opens the blood gate and lets blood in.

This is how “hemadylation” works, and this is how you get this “MEGA-Pump”. But this “pumping effect” caused by hard training is temporary.

The pump disappears as soon as the body notices that the workout is over. This has previously been the case with creatine products. If (NO) this pump will no longer disappear.

This is because (NO) creates a steady increase in the volume of blood that flows through skeletal muscle throughout the day. This is why muscles remain swollen and hard for a long time.



The Endurance Index (Final Tournament Index = EI) is a new measure of the increase in endurance during training.

Ongoing research has shown that keto acids such as those found in Argidriaxx (NO) can significantly contribute to delaying fatigue and dramatically improving endurance index.

Many athletes report that taking Argidriaxx (NO) gives them the kind of endurance they usually get by training at high altitudes and then starting to run at sea level.

In general, nitric oxide (NO) provides the following benefits for strength training and athletics:

  • Continuous increase in muscle mass by triggering a forced growth stimulus through muscle stimulation (NO).
  • Continuous pump thanks to extremely efficient hemadylation processes
  • Greater strength and muscle hardness
  • full body muscle regeneration
  • Significantly better workouts thanks to increased endurance score



Most bodybuilders and athletes see and feel the first result (immediately after the first intake)

Continuous pump.

A continuous pump is a massive, solid muscle pump that does not fade away as quickly. Unlike a pump designed without training (NO), which fades quickly, a continuous pump remains almost constant.

2 – 3 days after the appearance of this continuous pump, you will notice an increase in strength and endurance. At the same time, you will notice an increase in skeletal muscle in yourself.



There are no clear guidelines on how much (NO) to take, but supplement manufacturers recommend taking 3-9g of their specialty (NO) formulas daily, preferably before and after exercise.

Most of our clients take 3 capsules of Argidriaxx approx. 40 minutes before training.

On non-training days, take 1 in the morning with breakfast and 1 at lunch.



So far, no side effects from the use of (NO) are known. (NO) is a substance produced by our own body and considered safe according to prevailing opinion.

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