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No muscle mass without BCAAs?

Amino Acids Strongly Support Muscle Building

BCAAs are undoubtedly one of the preferred supplements for fitness and bodybuilding athletes, that is, athletes who train very intensely.

BCAAs (Branched Chain Amino Acids) are exactly three specific amino acids. These include L-Valine, L-Isoleucine, and L-Leucine. Along with L-glutamine and creatine, these amino acids are among the most important dietary supplements in sports.

BCAA are components that make up over 30% of human muscle. Therefore, these amino acids are especially important, especially for building muscle mass. Taking BCAA products can improve not only high-performance resistance training and bodybuilding, but endurance sports as well. BCAAs perform fundamental functions in supporting muscle building, optimal energy supply, and reducing lactic acid production. BCAAs also play an important role in delaying fatigue during and after exercise.

In addition, BCAAs also have a positive effect on fat gain and prevent muscle breakdown during a reduced diet, such as dieting.

BCAA’s – amino acids for intensive muscle building and diet

BCAAs are available as a dietary supplement throughout the trade. Even if they prefer intense training from athletes, they can be very good dietary support. On the one hand, these amino acids have a very positive effect on fat loss, on the other hand, they help prevent muscle loss rather than fat loss during weight loss. Muscle is also supported during the diet. Of course, this only applies if exercise requires it.

In addition, BCAAs can maintain relatively high blood sugar levels even when very few carbohydrates are consumed in the diet. As a result, the physical performance of the body is maintained despite the diet. There are no known rapid signs of fatigue. These amino acids are especially helpful in breaking down fat deposits such as those found on the belly and thighs.

Therefore, it is very beneficial to take BCAAs to support your diet. Exercise should also always accompany an effective diet. If muscle is lost during the diet, it is a harmful and usually unwanted side effect of a reduced diet.

Athletes who are building muscle and exercising very intensely are generally not advised to take BCAA products first. They are usually well aware of the importance of these amino acids. Here, trainers and nutritionists can also provide advice on nutritional supplements.

BCAA’s are not a substitute for healthy nutrition in sports and daily life

With BCAAs, it is no different from any other supplement. A healthy diet cannot be completely replaced by taking BCAAs alone. A wise and healthy intake of supplements should always be based on the foundations of a healthy, wholesome diet. Proper nutrition is imperative, especially for athletes. The higher the level of training and productivity, the more important proper nutrition is for long-term success.

Amino acids contained in food supplements are essential components of human muscle. It doesn’t matter if there is a lot, little or no sport, no one can do without it. Its supply must also be ensured for everyone through a normal, wholesome diet. However, demand increases during intense exercise or dieting, so it is important to take these substances in addition.

A healthy diet should contain all substances important for the athlete, such as carbohydrates, digestible fats, vitamins and trace elements. Nutritional supplements are only intended to fill gaps and provide additional coverage for special needs.

Unlike many other products available on the market as energy donors for muscles, BCAAs should not be taken post-workout, but preferably at the start of a workout. These amino acids are already doing their job during exercise. They protect muscles from muscle breakdown during high stress. Therefore, a dosage of five to ten grams is recommended for strength training.

In this way, a systematic build-up of muscle mass is achieved, since the muscles receive enough nutrients for their growth and are temporarily not subject to the negative effects of high stress. This is the positive effect that bodybuilders and strength training athletes want.

Even though these amino acids are essential for optimal body function, the recommended intake of these foods must be strictly followed. In case of illness, you should consult your doctor before taking it, as some dietary supplements should not be combined with some medications.

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