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Biceps: exercises for strong shoulders

Many people consider biceps a symbol of fitness and strength. The strong biceps that appear under the sleeve of a T-shirt can be achieved relatively quickly with the right exercises. We provide tips on how to get strong shoulders with effective exercises.

Focus on three core exercises like bench press, squat and deadlift to create a solid foundation for sustained muscle growth. They are considered joint exercises of different muscle groups and are an effective method of building muscle mass, writes The upper arm exercises should be complemented in addition to the basic exercises. Thus, you will achieve more success than with one shoulder workout.

Effective Biceps Exercises

The biceps muscle consists of two heads, one short and one long. The biceps is responsible for flexing the elbow. Thanks to him, we can raise our hands to the face and turn the forearms. Three exercises are particularly effective for the perfect biceps workout: barbell curl, dumbbell curl and bend concentration.

Barbell Curl

With a barbell barbell, you train your biceps with a long barbell. Depending on your needs, load them with weight plates on each side so you can do twelve reps if possible. Do a total of three sets of twelve reps. Stand up straight with your legs slightly apart and your knees compressed gently. Grasp a weighted bar with both hands. Make sure you hold the barbell just over shoulder width apart. The elbows must be firmly attached to the thighs to isolate the biceps and not support it with other muscles during exercise, Men’s Health writes.

Now, in a semicircular motion, move the dumbbell towards your shoulder. Important: keep your back straight and do not swing with the barbell. If you notice that the weight is too heavy, reduce it so you can do a clean rep without faking it. You should feel a little tension in your biceps while doing the exercise. Pause for one or two minutes between sets.

For maximum effectiveness, we recommend the anabolic testosterone enanthate.

Dumbbell Curl

Dumbbells are classic muscle training classics. They are ideal for specific workouts for different muscle groups and for sharpening your sense of balance. By training with dumbbells, as opposed to training in machines, you force the body to balance any muscle imbalances and thus activate muscles that cannot be achieved with machines.

Seated dumbbell curls work as follows: Sit upright on a bench and hold dumbbells in each hand, with which you can do twelve reps, just like a curls with a barbell. Now, alternately slowly and slowly raise your forearm to point it towards the shoulder. Again, be sure to keep your elbows close to your body. When doing the exercise with one hand, hold the dumbbell in the other hand under tension so that the static position will strain the muscles a little. Alternate arms after each rep until you have completed 12 reps per arm. Pause between sets for a minute or two before starting the next set. Do a total of three to twelve reps.

Concentration curl

The third biceps exercise is concentration curling, which is done while sitting. The hips are at a 45 degree angle. Support yourself on your hip with one hand. On the other hand, exercise with dumbbells. Do the exercise with one arm to focus on the biceps contraction.

Extend the barbell arm straight down. Just before the arm is fully extended, raise it again. Bring your weight slowly and in a controlled manner towards your shoulder. Also, be sure to feel the tension in your biceps. In this last exercise, two to twelve reps are enough for training the arms, with a break of one or two minutes between sets.

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